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‘The body can not be healed without the spirit, and the spirit can not be healed without passing through the body!’

This sentence summarises all the ambiguity of the current healing techniques: we heal physical symptoms (body medicine) or psycho-emotional factors (mind medicine).
In both cases, the goal is to get a healing ... Healing of the body? Healing of the mind? Healing of both?

Symbolic medicine addresses a third dimension, traditionally called ‘Soul.’

And if the physical and psycho-emotional symptoms came from diseases of the soul?
This hypothesis is interesting because it opens new perspectives...

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Offer you a break to have the best opportunity to heal.

Soul care residences aim to welcome people that need ‘health recovery airlock’.
They will be able:

  • To receive symbolic medicine treatment
  • To benefit from a revitalizing environment: organic live food, natural spaces, calm and clean places, etc.;
  • To participate in collective physical activities (qi gong, yoga, walking, etc.)
  • To participate in useful collective activities that creates connections (cooking, gardening…)
  • To participate in creative activities with therapeutic aim (artistic dimensions in all aspects
  • Attend collective sessions orientated toward ‘beauty’ creating ‘connections’ (music, singing, exhibitions, conferences, sharing, etc.)

All these activities aim at helping individuals on every aspect (body – soul – mind) through actions allowing harmony where disease had created disorder.

In order for consciousness to awake to the beauty of Life…

Recognized practitioners

Médecine Symbolique© (Medicine Symbolic) is a trademark. Its practitioners are organised in a union and referenced on the website. As such, they follow a certain number of commitments. Individuals willing to receive symbolic medicine treatment have the responsibility to verify that the practitioner they consult is referenced on this website and has the required competencies for the type of treatment they request.

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