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‘The body can not be healed without the spirit, and the spirit can not be healed without passing through the body!’

This sentence summarises all the ambiguity of the current healing techniques: we heal physical symptoms (body medicine) or psycho-emotional factors (mind medicine).
In both cases, the goal is to get a healing ... Healing of the body? Healing of the mind? Healing of both?

Symbolic medicine addresses a third dimension, traditionally called ‘Soul.’

And if the physical and psycho-emotional symptoms came from diseases of the soul?
This hypothesis is interesting because it opens new perspectives...

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Functioning and practice of Symbolic Medicine

There are three essentials points to remind to understand the functioning of symbolic medicine.

1. The universe is made of a visible aspect (the matter) and of an invisible aspect (the spirit).

image ms anglaisThese two faces are symbolically associated to feminine functioning (evolutionary telluric force, attracting, and nourishing) and of the masculine (involutionary cosmic force, penetrating and fertilizing).


Numbers of methods, because they are not able to modify diseases or inconvenience with material actions, search to obtain the same result acting on the invisible, so we then talk about ‘energetic’ techniques.

2. The divine rods: a medium tool

The divine rods amplify invisible movements of the heart chakra. They are a “medium” tool building bridges between the visible world and the invisible world. When we pick up the messages from the invisible, we pick up what underpins the visible…
But we have to beware of this bridge! We want to have answers too quickly instead of listening simply the messages. Our mindset wants to obtain ‘results’ from the invisible, therefore it tries to manipulate it to be reassured. For instance, radiesthesia, kinesiology, geobiology, etc. propose questioning framework or protocols ‘to know’. With these methods we want to have answers to our questions.
But two problems arise:

  • We keep a priori the answers in a known field (we cannot discover something new);
  • We forget that this aim of the invisible is not to give us answers or to remove our problems: its aim is to awake us.

This is why the divine rods, when we simply follow them, give lots of awakening messages before providing care.

3. The invisible and the visible do not speak the same language

Our brain understands two types of languages: the rational language -logical and specific, and the analogical language - intuitive and global.
The best possible comparison is this one:

  • The day is comparable to matter: we function with physical law and we are ‘awake’. The rational language dominates.
  • The night is comparable to the spirit: there is no space and time, and we dream. The symbolic language dominates.

When we want to question the invisible, the answer will occur necessarily and only through a symbol! Getting direct answers from the invisible is a ‘ploy.’ Therefore, we use questions of the ‘yes-no’ type as little as possible with the divine rods.

Conclusion: the house being the symbol of the human body (stomach, protection, etc.), the inhabitant represents the part that ‘lives in the body,’ knowing the soul or the spirit. Symbolic medicine approaches the house and the inhabitant as an indivisible ‘whole.’

Recognized practitioners

Médecine Symbolique© (Medicine Symbolic) is a trademark. Its practitioners are organised in a union and referenced on the website. As such, they follow a certain number of commitments. Individuals willing to receive symbolic medicine treatment have the responsibility to verify that the practitioner they consult is referenced on this website and has the required competencies for the type of treatment they request.

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